Crying Eyes Drawing

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This drawing has sad eyes. It’s like someone with a broken heart crying for help, or in pain from the things they have seen around them that are too terrible to describe properly with words alone!

Imagine the most intense and frustrating moment of your life. Now imagine, without any sound coming out from between those tears rolling down on to this page in an endless streaming cortege that will never come to end no matter what happens next day or decade because it’s always there for us looking back at every single thing we’ve done wrong along our journey through life – wishing desperately how things could have been different if only…
-If only I didn’t care so much about myself.


The person in this drawing has sad eyes.  Like they’re carrying a broken heart and feel pain from what’s happened to them.This drawing has a broken heart. It’s like someone who is in pain from what they have seen around them .  Can’t describe it with words alone!

Every day we wake up and ask ourselves, “What if?” or alternately “Why me?” But no matter how many times you replay those moments in your head they never seem to go away completely. And while it is true that some people can push through their regrets with the help of others around them–a supportive family perhaps-, most eventually realize there isn’t anyone else on this earth who knows quite like themselves so why bother trying anymore?
The key here though lies not just within accepting these things as reality.

How to draw sketch crying eye step by step

In the world of art, the eye is an essential element since it is the window to the soul. Here are some sketches of eyes.
An outline is the most important foundation: the composition, perspective effect, contrast between light and dark, overall tone.

Five different stages of light and shade are caused by the refraction of the surrounding environment and the rich layers of the object. Light and dark edges, bright and dark highlights, reflections, and projections. This phenomenon is known as the five major keys, and developing a thorough understanding of these regularities will help us shape our bodies. As a result, the picture layer will be richer and thicker, and a sense of space will be stronger as well.

How to draw a crying eye step by step is the topic of today’s online class. What makes a painting successful is its harmony of tone. You must therefore adjust the overall hue and brightness contrast when painting. Painter, continuing to learn and draw, selling online. A painting can be sold in a number of ways, such as as a real painting, an electronic painting, or a home décor painting such as a wallpaper. Turn your hobby into a business and make money from it. There is nothing better.

The first is. Use a pencil to draw the basic outline of the eye. Next, apply the perspective effect.
The second. Using a pencil, draw details of the pupils and eyelashes. Thirdly, contrast the light and dark tones.
3. Sketch the pupils and eyelashes with a pencil. Contrast is another important element, as well as the overall color.
4. Using a pencil, draw the deepest part. The deepest part should be drawn with a pencil.
  5. Use a pencil to adjust the overall contrast.
6. Based on the deepest part of the overall picture, draw the line details of the pupil.
7.  You can highlight the brightest part of the pupil by drawing the darkest part of it with a carbon pen and erasing it later with an eraser.

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