Broken things can become Blessed things if you let God do the Mending

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God is the ultimate mender of all things. We have to bring what’s broken and allow Him the opportunity, through faith in His power as our Creator (Gen 1:1),to mend it back together again so we can rejoice with overflowing love for Him day after forevermore!

When you are broken and need mending back together again; God will be there to help. He can take the pieces of your life that seem beyond repair, like a shattered vase with many cracks in it or an old paintbrush whose bristles have snapped off at their base due dryness over time-and he’ll put them all right so they’re as good new! You must bring what’s left behind–the fragments from which something might grow if given just enough love unwraps on its own accord -to Him for restoration by His power because no one else has been able do this job very well up until now.

God is a recycler. He knows how to find beauty in your brokenness and all of the sad feelings you have inside, even if it doesn’t seem like there’s any leftovers from what has been taken away before by someone else who hurt us spitefully or maliciously because they wanted their revenge on something that wasn’t theirs – but God can take those pieces apart so beautifully just as easily as he puts things back together again with lasting hope for restoration! It may not happen overnight…but one day soon I’ll wake up .

Finding the Beauty in Brokenness.

The journey of life can be difficult, but it is worth striving for. We may find ourselves lost or twisted when we don’t put the pieces together correctly; nonetheless every puzzle has its own individual way in which they need to go and if you’re patient enough then your bright future will soon come into view!

The path to wellness is not always a straight line. It’s an uneven terrain where ups and downs are inevitable, but there’s something beautiful about striving for your goals no matter what life throws at you because in the end we will have faced our fears head on with resilience which makes us stronger people!
Yes I am talking from experience here… When things get tough or if they feel insurmountable right now .

God loves you and wants to help! He will make every broken part of your life whole again. First, though – there’s something that needs repairing in our relationship with Him; it seems like we have forgotten what an awesome responsibility taking care of someone else is (iclesa) or why they should trust Us when times get tough as well sometimes even helping them through their pain can be difficult at times but this isn’t always easy either because no matter how much love one has inside themselves things still look pretty dark without proper light shining down.

Finding the beauty in life doesn’t always come easy, but it’s there. One has to look beyond what seems beautiful at first glance and see how much lovelier something can be found elsewhere – even if that means staring down an ugly flower until you find some wildflowers growing out of next door neighbor’s yard or giving someone else your seat on public transit because they are older than us with children who need theirs more urgently right now (this happened).
A single individual won.

When you are broken, it’s time for repair. The spirit of God helps those who need Him most and we can’t allow our lives to be taken over by struggles when there doesn’t seem like an end in sight!

Ways to find beauty in the midst of brokenness:

The Proverbial City is like a person who has no control over their spirit. They are broken and vulnerable, with nothing good coming from the future because there’s always more stress in life! We should look for joy during tough times instead of extrapolating bad things to happen forevermore- especially since they may not go our way at first anyway .
The writer says you need rules over your own emotions as well; otherwise known as “keeping yourself under authority.” Without this type guidance we could fall prey.

Life is too short to be spent accepting the worst in life. You have a choice between being an optimist or pessimist, and your future depends on it! Pessimists need not apply–you’re requited with me if you want hope again.


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