Boost your E-commerce Sales with These 5 Tips

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The e-commerce sector has been growing exponentially since the start of the pandemic, yet that doesn’t automatically equate to success; many e-stores fall by the wayside, due to the high level of competition and making bad choices. Whether you sell sterling silver jewellery or auto parts, the business processes are much the same and we asked a few pros for some e-commerce tips for those just starting out on their entrepreneur journey.

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  1. High bandwidth – Fast page loading is a must with any e-store and today’s online consumer expects nothing less than lightning-fast page loading. Any delay leads to the user going somewhere else, never to return and that’s the last thing you want. Let’s say you are selling wholesale jewelry in Thailand, that would involve many hi-res images and that takes up bandwidth. Once you have 30+ products on a single page, that’s when page loading is impacted. When talking to a web-hosting company, make it clear you need high bandwidth and that will guarantee fast page loading.
  2. Invest in SEO – Google is the number one search engine that millions of online consumers use to source products and services and your site needs to be fully optimised, giving you a high ranking when specific search terms are used. Approach a leading SEO agency and see what they have to offer. SEO works in many different ways; keyword insertion and link-building are just a couple of strategies used to boost a website’s rankings within searches.
  3. Add Bitcoin to your payment gateways – Bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency and many people use it to pay for goods online’ whether 10bt or 10,000bt, a Bitcoin can be divisible down to even the smallest amount and more and more people are using the system as a method of payment and the more payment gateways you have, the better. All you have to do is download the Bitcoin wallet software, create an account and then you can integrate that into your digital payment options. Here is some more information about online finance.
  4. Google Analytics – There are some powerful digital marketing tools offered by Google that help you find out where users are from, how long they spend on a page and how they found your e-store. This data can help you make some tweaks to your e-store and in the hands of a professional, analytical data can help develop the business. If you are not technically minded, ask a local SEO agency to carry out site analysis and they can identify strengths and weaknesses, boosting your sales.
  5. Seasonal promotions – Whatever you sell, create seasonal promotions to stimulate consumer interest and run ‘refer a friend’ initiatives often. Most products are more in demand at certain times of the year, which might be Xmas, New Year, Mother’s, Father’s and Valentine’s Day and you should prepare dynamic sales content to announce the arrival of a special celebration.

Let’s not forget the importance of cyber-security for every e-store; something you can find at your web-hosting provider.


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