5 Applications of Age Verification in E-Commerce Industry | 2022

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Financial crimes remain a threat in the banking and finance industry. As the technology is advancing so does the strategy of money laundering networks and malicious agents who run such illicit schemes. As a result, the burden on companies increases, to protect their customers and assets by implementing Anti Money Laundering protocols.


It is really crucial to consider the company’s requirements before choosing any of the AML solutions. Being cautious about the type of AML software chosen for your company, would not only enhance your chance of getting better at AML but also help you stay compliant with the regulations.  And once you have chosen the right services, you will see improvement in the company’s preparedness for intense situations. 

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Here are the six things to consider while choosing an AML solution for your company. 

1- Have Essential Features

Two AML systems might seem similar in functionalities but it is important to note that they are never the same, and one is better than the other. Consider the below-mentioned features while you choose an AML system for your company. 


  • Uses AI to detect unusual patterns and abnormalities in the financial transactions
  • Have exceptional capabilities to manage the data
  • Superior reporting and analytical features
  • Software is easy to maintain and update
  • A future-ready and comprehensive digital platform


If you choose an AML security system having all the above-mentioned features, it would help your company combat financial crimes more effectively. 

2- Upscale the AML Abilities

The next thing to consider is that the AML monitoring software not only maintains AML proficiency but is also designed to change your company’s AML abilities for the better. Today the money launderers have become smarter and more sophisticated in their approach, so the old AML solutions would no longer do the task. So, it is crucial to choose software that improves your company’s performance and fights all the sophisticated financial crimes with its upgraded features. 

3- Can Analyze Patterns and Anomalies

Choose software that helps you analyze any kind of abnormalities including relationship-based and pattern-based money laundering risks at a greater level. A good AML verification system does not give you a reactive approach but one that gives a proactive approach to money laundering. And with that, you would learn about any disaster before it’s made and would help you strengthen your company’s AML operations before any catastrophe actually takes place. 

4- Accuracy

The next thing to consider while picking an AML screening system for your company is whether it has the capacity of solid data management, large analytics, and detailed reporting. And it also draws from such a data lake that is trustworthy and performs real-time analytics for accessing the latest threats related to money laundering. If it has all the qualities, it means your AML system is the accurate predictor of any alarming situation. And this would help your company to respond at the right time and the right way to the money laundering activities.

5- Ownership Cost

An important thing to keep in mind while purchasing an AML solution is your company’s budget. It is critical to think whether the ownership of an AML solution would enhance the employee’s productivity or drain your company’s finances. Spending a handsome amount on AML solutions would seem costly but it actually saves your company’s money by reducing the cost of manual labor and keeping the company away from all types of crimes whether organized or sophisticated. 

6- Reporting Capabilities are Streamlined with Regulations


The next question to ask while considering an AML service is whether its features streamline with AML’s regulatory reporting-like templates. It must facilitate you in managing compliance data of whatever global jurisdiction the company operates in. It should help the company to meet compliance-related deadlines. All this would make you less nervous and more confident to discuss all the AML compliance-related issues. Hence, all they would show is your company’s commitment towards best AML practices which makes it stand out from all others in the market. 

Final Thoughts

Anti Money Laundering techniques will keep inspiring financial companies as long as brains exist behind the operations. AML solutions would help your company gain upper hand on the money laundering networks and also protect the clients from being victimized by financial crimes. Choosing an AML solution can affect you, your client, the company, and all others linked to it, so choose it wisely


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