Best Cities in Canada to Retire In

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Canada is quickly becoming the go-to destination for retirees ready to make a large change in their lives.  Whether you want a laid-back, relaxing retirement or take this chance to be pushed to learn and see new things, retiring in Canada allows you to find whatever type of next step you want to take in life.

These are some of the best cities for retirees in Canada!

Kingston, ON

On the eastern end of Lake Ontario, Kingston is a gorgeous city that offers beauty in every step you take.  From the fantastic Bellevue House gardens and grand house to the beautiful buildings that earned it the name ‘the limestone city,’ this is an area you won’t want to leave once you arrive.

The population here is the smallest on this list, at just over 130,000, but it’s no ghost town!  Kingston has everything you could want in a retirement city and more; it’s an easy place to want to call home.

Calgary, AB

If you’re retiring from the southern USA, or you don’t mind a little cowboy vibe in your future retirement: Calgary may be for you.  This fun city is known for holding onto traditions and caring deeply about the culture of the people who made this city what it is.  

From the yearly Calgary Stampede to the live sports and outdoor activities here, you won’t have a moment to be bored unless you seek it out!  Calgary homes for sale are far less expensive than the next couple of cities, and every property has enough space to save you from the cramped city feeling that many fear.

Vancouver, BC

Whether you’re a tech fan or you love film and art, you’ll find something to fall in love with in Vancouver.  Although this is Canada’s most expensive city: it’s far cheaper than many cities in the USA.

Here you can enjoy walkability, gorgeous views, and fantastic people.  The tech industry ensures that investments here are destined to grow, which means you can raise your retirement funds, and the art and culture here ensure you’ll stay entertained.

Ottawa, ON

If you truly want to retire in a part of Canada that makes you understand the country: where better than the nation’s capital?  Ottawa is a fantastic city with a lot of history and some of the best museums and art galleries in the entire country.

More affordable than Vancouver and more walkable than Calgary, this city combines modern city perks with the comfort of an old town that’s built an identity for itself.  This is a great destination for anyone who loves museums and wants to learn more every day.

Retiring in Canada is a Chance at a New Beginning

Although many assume they’ve run out of new beginnings by the time they retire: Canada is here to give you a chance at as many as you want.  Each of these cities offers different perks for retirees, but you can create your perfect retirement almost anywhere in this gorgeous country, don’t be afraid to explore!


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