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The concept behind My Autobrite Car Wash Car Cleaning is simple.  We want to help provide a luxurious experience for our clients, one that they can’t get anywhere else. This means offering top-of the line service and products at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. Or customer satisfaction;.  It also entails creating an environment where people are comfortable enough.  Sharing their thoughts on different topics like car care tips (because who doesn’t love hearing new things?).
The company started with just two employees but quickly grew .

The new 20 litre Autobrite Car Wash Detailing Bucket is the perfect addition to your detailing collection! Built from heavy duty Polyethylene plastic and strong stainless steel handle.  This bucket will keep those swirl marks at bay with its built in dirt guard. The ADDetailings buckets are an essential part of any professional’s toolkit for safe. Washing cars on site or even just around town -.Iit holds plenty so you won’t have run out . When someone requests their car washed quickly before going off.  Somewhere important like work (I know I’m always guilty!)
Transportable enough that they can take anywhere without worrying about breaking.

There’s no need to worry about spilling your drink anymore with our new Gamma Seal watertight lid. Now you can take it anywhere and have peace of mind knowing that the contents will stay in their place!

There have traditionally been two options for car wash systems. Self-service and in-bay automatics with a touch-free or friction option. With AutoBrite, we’ve changed that. You’ll see the difference in your ROI through our quicker throughput,. More customer choices, superior quality washes, and maintenance-free equipment.

Our equipment is all stainless steel and comes with warranties that cover moving parts, belts, and conveyors.

Our easy to install, highly customizable car wash system solutions mean you’ll see more growth and customer satisfaction.  Than ever before, whether you’re building a new express tunnel or in-bay automatic. Converting an existing automatic into a conveyor tunnel, or putting up a self-service stall.

  • The Autobrite features:

    • We can wash anything from a Mini Cooper to a Long Bed Crew Cab Dually Pickup Truck
    • using our five-brush machine
    • with an automatic conversion
    • process for Old Express Tunnel Retrofit
    • Retrofit
    • Retrofits
    • are easy to install and quick to start up
    • as stand-alone systems
    • constructed of stainless steel
    • with an 18-month warranty
    • and energy-efficient

    Provide your customers with options with the TriBrite In-Bay Automatic Car Wash. A perfect solution for locations that have high-volume car wash traffic,. For locations that want high-volume car wash traffic and for auto dealers.

    Tire Cleaners

    Your tires can be damaged by embedded dirt, dust, and other debris. You can prevent dry rot by cleaning your tires regularly.


    Water slides off your car’s surface when it’s cooled, preventing water spots from forming. The conditioner also protects your paint from heat damage.


    A wax does more than add shine and contribute to overall gloss. It protects against UV rays, water stains, and other detritus.


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