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Education is a dynamic field that experiences great innovations with every passing day. Digital transformations and the arrival of novel technologies in the Ed-tech sector have acted as a great catalyst collectively because the student outcomes have witnessed tremendous growth mani-fold. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AR/VR (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality) technologies are already on their way to transforming the educational realm.

Among all the ed-tech types, the Smart Class Technology has emerged as a highly notable one in the current times. In today’s blog post, we will discuss the various aspects of Smart Classrooms that are on the verge of becoming a part of the mainstream educational culture. Keep reading to arm yourself with amazing titbits about this great form of educational technology.

What Are Smart Classes?

Smart classes are types of classrooms that are created with the backing of high-grade educational technology. These classes have been developed to make learning a fun activity for the students.

The concept of smart classes often entails the application of multimedia, audio, video, animations, high-end graphics and presentations to explain and illustrate a specific topic in the best way possible. Often, smart classes also imply the application of highly sophisticated AR/VR technology by which students will get the chance to perform laboratory-based experiments by entering the 3D space of Virtual Reality.

Ed-tech is simplifying things both for the teachers and the students. For instance, consider the example of a classroom app. It has emerged as a highly popular way of imparting education. Similarly, the use of Smart Class Technology is going to enrich the academic development of the students by providing education with the much-needed digital infrastructure. Greater student-teacher interaction and collaboration is ensured by the application of smart classes in day-to-day education.

Students can now get an immersive experience while studying various subjects via Smart Class Technology. The use of projectors, interactive modules, and interesting lectures will make the whole concept of education an appealing one.

Kinds Of Smart Classes Used By Educational Institutions

1.    The Minimalistic/Basic Smart Class Format

A majority of the educational institutions go for the basic form of smart classrooms. This set-up is all about having a projector, a screen and a computer. Every educator will be given their respective login ID and password using which they can enter their respective portal of modules. The system is kept pre-equipped with diverse lesson plans, modules, interactive videos and worksheets. The lessons are taught by playing the videos while pausing these from time to time to explain certain things by corroborating lectures with multimedia.

2.    Personal Device Smart Class Setup

A popular way of using Smart Class Technology is by integrating the personal devices of the students into this sophisticated educational technology. In that way, students can easily use their laptops, tablets, computers and even smartphones to come across new concepts, watch the modules, give tests and complete exercises. Complete utilisation of Ed-tech, you see?

3.    Smart Board Setup

The innovation to use smart boards is reaping great benefits for the community of both teachers and learners. This new form of Ed-tech is now being used to depict pertinent visuals, videos, and presentations as these are projected on the smart boards. What is awesome is that students can even view the contents that are being taught to them via their gadgets such as tablets or laptops. Quite a great technological reform, what say?

Advantages Of Smart Classes

  • Opens up the opportunities of offering a blended mode of education in real-time;
  • Fosters great bonding between teachers and students;
  • Gives a major boost to the creativity and visualisation capabilities of the students;
  • Boosts the academic performance of the students;
  • Makes learning a fun activity for the learners;
  • Introduces the students to a highly developed e-learning environment;
  • Makes education easily accessible as learning is primarily done through various pertinent videos and modules;
  • Saves paper, and is a popular eco-friendly way to impart education by making maximal utilisation of ed-tech


Smart Class Technology has redefined the way education is disseminated to the students by the teachers. Extensive use of videos, high-end graphics, images and AR technology have made the illustration and explanation of concepts quite a sophisticated one. Learning has become easier and more enjoyable, all thanks to the incorporation of smart classes into the framework of the regular educational system. Use smart classes and transform the way topics are being taught to the learners. Happy teaching!


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