Alexandre Yersin Scholarship 2021 ( Overview)

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This scholarship was named after him in honor of his work in both Hong Kong and France in science. Alexander Yersin was a scientific innovator, bacteriologist, and physician who made many discoveries and helped to establish Pasteur institutes around the world. His investigation into the Manchurian pneumonic plague epidemic in 1894 was funded both by the French government and the Pasteur Institute. On Hong Kong Island, in a makeshift laboratory set up by Yersin, he discovered the bacteria responsible for causing the Black Death Plague within seven days.

As an example of the triumph and excellence of French science in the past, Yersin’s achievements are remarkable. French education is able to offer such a diverse range of courses and this is a testament to the country’s long history of interdisciplinary excellence.

Alexandre Yersin Scholarship 2021

Over 100 students from Hong Kong and Macau have studied in France with the support of the French Consulate since 2000. Through the Alexandre Yersin Excellence Scholarship, the French higher education system is able to promote excellence, diversity, and quality, while also promoting deeper cooperation with Hong Kong. We aim to make remarkable leaders who are capable of furthering the development and promoting international understanding through the scholarship program. Scholarships cover one year of training and studies at a Master 1 or Master 2 level (grants cannot exceed two years). The following benefits are provided:

  • Up to 5000 euros in financial support can be provided to cover academic fees
  • 660 euros a month as a living allowance
  • There are three types of insurance: public liability, social security, and repatriation
  • Looking for assistance with accommodations
  • This guide is designed as a tool to assist international students with their integration into French culture and society.


  • If you are a permanent resident of Hong Kong or Macau
  • In the near future, I will seek a certificate or diploma equivalent to a national Master’s degree in France. The application for renewal will be required for programs lasting longer than 1 year
  • Not being a citizen of France nor being a dual citizen with both a French nationality and an American citizenship
  • A scholarship should not be granted concurrently with another scholarship
  • During their studies in France, non-French speaking laureates are required to take at least one French course
  • A Ph.D. student, an applicant pursuing short-term programs (for instance, as a trainee or a summer course), or an applicant pursuing a French educational exchange cannot apply.

Documents Required

  • The application form must be completed
  • Documentation showing permanent identification from Hong Kong or Macau
  • Your Curriculum Vitae
  • Describe your motivation for applying to France (why do you want to study or work here? What are your professional ambitions?)
  • A photocopy of your previous academic records (transcripts)
  • Diplomas previously earned
  • Letters of recommendation (if any)

Application form link:

Applications are now open for the Alexandre Yersin Excellence Scholarship, which is an annual scholarship initiative by the French Government to encourage the best students in Hong Kong and Macau to pursue further studies at the Master’s level in France.


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