5 Ways to Cheat at Online Casinos in Canada

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Canada has seen an upward spiral of internet gambling over the past few years. More people have taken to online casino games as a means of entertainment and a second source of income. Canada has also produced a good number of online casinos and it somehow seems natural that people would try to figure out ways to cheat the casino! Our expert, Conrad A. Brennan, writes about how players in Canadian online casino real money establishments are finding loopholes in the system.

Exploiting the Bonuses

Taking advantage of a casino’s sign-up bonus is the most common and arguably the easiest method of scamming casinos. It is possible that some gamers might claim that this is not cheating at all. To put it another way, you’re not cheating because you’re adhering to all the terms and conditions.

Bonuses are common when signing up for a casino live Singapore. Free chips or credit equal to a percentage of your initial deposit is commonplace at most casinos. If you’ve made a $500 deposit and are eligible for a 50% bonus, you’ll have a total of 750 dollars to play with. 

Bonuses can be categorized as either cashable or non-cashable. Once the casino’s wagering requirements have been met, a cashable bonus can be withdrawn. The rest? Spend it on games!

Creating Multiple Accounts

Account verifications are an efficient way of preventing player cheating. Not all welcome bonuses require a deposit, even if each respectable casino has its own extensive identification verification procedure. No deposit bonuses may be available to players who open real money accounts. They can be as little as $5 or as much as $50. 

For no-deposit bonuses, some fraudsters register multiple accounts. This is a low-cost strategy that works. Even the most reputable online casinos can go bankrupt if a player uses two no deposit offers every day. These activities yield a relatively small amount of money. To pay out in most casinos, you must find the correct areas. 

You could theoretically open an infinite number of accounts and play until you hit the jackpot and cash out. Many fake IDs will be necessary. Because most of them aren’t in the US, using a phony ID is simple. You won’t get rich doing it though.


In online poker, collusion refers to sharing knowledge about your hand with a fellow player (or numerous friends). With more experience, you have a distinct advantage over your fellow players at the table. 

Poker sites, on the other hand, employ extensive security measures to avoid this. They are on the lookout for unusual behaviour, among other things. Someone else is playing better cards than you and you’re aware of this, so folding a strong hand is a good sign. Poker sites are trained to spot these patterns, even if other judgements at the table are more overt.

However, you’re not stealing from the casino, but rather from your fellow players with this strategy.

Deals With the Dealer

Much like using friends on the table, some players use a partner in crime on the inside. Dealers have always known to swindle the cards for the house, why not use that for ours? There have been many players in the past who only played with one dealer and have gotten rich. But be aware, since the system is online, the dealers and players are constantly watched and any questionable behaviour will quickly get you banned and your dealer friend fired from their job. Remember, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. More so when the bush may catch fire any minute!

Breaking and Entering the Mainframe!

When asked if there is a way to cheat at online gambling, most experts suggest hacking. To swindle the casino, a hacker takes advantage of software security weaknesses. The casino software can be hacked in several ways. Two prominent instances are hacking the RNG program and manipulating the odds in their favour. Another example is hacking in to obtain a few extra points. 

Sometimes, hackers prefer to steal from other players instead of the casino. So, some use brute force to break into online casinos and steal from their victims. The winners can either play with or withdraw funds from their accounts. Identity theft is one of the most common and easiest ways to hack an online casino and get away with a few extra bucks.

They seem to forget the heavy legal implications of their online casino scam. 

Even while most online service providers employ strict security procedures to prevent such incidents, hackers are unpredictable. Aside from withdrawing money, hackers can use the bankroll to play casino games. Venues and players struggle to protect themselves from this form of attack.


Now that you know how to break the system from within, don’t go on a rebellious rampage. Take a step back and consider if cheating is worthwhile. How far can you go by using immoral methods to make money? Not very far. If you’re going to gamble, do it carefully and strategically so that when you win big, you can sleep peacefully at night. Keep your eyes peeled for any signs of online casino scams while you’re at it.


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