Who Won the VCT Masters?

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Team Liquid prevailed over Sentinels in the championship match of the VCT Masters and took home the title. Due to the fact that both teams had been on top of their games leading up to this competition, there was a lot of excitement around it. The victory, which solidified Team Liquid’s position as one of the top teams in the world, was achieved in a series that was extremely competitive.

The first among the top VCT Masters is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) competition that is being run by Esports Raymond James. This event is a pioneer in its field. Prize money of $200,000 was up for grabs, and there were 16 teams competing from all around the world. The event took place from the 28th of February to the 1st of March.

Team Liquid prevailed over 100 Thieves in the competition’s championship match to take home the trophy for best overall performance. Team Liquid is making history by claiming victory in a VCT Masters competition for the very first time.

Who Won The VCT 2022?

The VCT has returned for yet another year, and the level of competition was exceptionally high. So, who emerged victorious in the end?

In the realm of professional Counter-Strike, the VCT is consistently one of the events that feature the fiercest competition, and this year was no exception. The event was held in Katowice, Poland, and teams came from all over the world to participate in it. As a result, the competition was quite tough.

Team Liquid emerged victorious over Astralis in the tournament’s championship match, taking home the trophy for their efforts. It was a hard-fought fight, but in the end, Liquid prevailed over their Danish opponents because they were just in a stronger position.

Liquid has already won the VCT twice in a row, and there is no doubt that they will attempt to win it the third time in a row the following year. However, with the presence of so many formidable teams, we may anticipate another arduous struggle. Who will emerge victorious in the year 2022? Now, all we can do is wait and watch what happens.

Are Sentinels out of VCT?

In recent months, there has been a great deal of discussion in the professional Valorant scene regarding the feasibility of the Sentinel agent. Some of the best players in the world have even stated publicly that the agent is no longer effective in competitive play. The question now is, what brought on this rapid change of perspective? Is it also true that Sentinels have been removed from the VCT?

A significant number of competitive Valorant teams have shifted their focus away from the more traditional VCT Guardian in favor of the Sentinel. Others contend that the reason for the change is that the VCT meta has altered in a way that makes Sentinels more favorable. One school of thought holds that the reason for the change is that Sentinels are just superior guns. Whatever the cause may be, many professional teams have certainly settled on Sentinels as their primary option.


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