What to Look For When Choosing And Installing Fireplace Trim Molding

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The fireplace trim you pick can represent the deciding moment of your whole venture! Get thoughts for fireplace trim embellishment under the shelf and around the tile, and ways to introduce it appropriately. The fireplace is the highlight of the family room, and refreshing it can appear to be an overwhelming assignment. Be that as it may, you can switch around your exhausting or dated fireplace with trim embellishment under the shelf and around the tile for a new look!

In this article, I’ll share my interaction for picking the right fireplace trim for my venture, and how I introduced it myself. There are a couple of interesting points before you get the mallet and crowbar to begin your own fireplace rebuild.


Regardless of whether you’re redesigning a current fireplace or building one without any preparation, there are a few significant interesting points while picking the fireplace trim for your undertaking.


Consider both your own style and the style of the home when arranging your fireplace makeover. You wouldn’t place a smooth glass fireplace in a comfortable house, or this excessively luxurious fireplace in an advanced home! Our house is a fundamental Cape Cod-style house from 1946, with little character of its own.

This clean canvas is ideal for making a fireplace that mirrors our style, without it feeling awkward. I incline toward perfect, contemporary lines, with inconspicuous subtleties that aren’t excessively resplendent. Metrie’s Very Square line of inside finishings was exactly the thing I was searching for! This trim highlights fresh points with little enriching uncover that mixes well with different components of the house.

You don’t need to tear out your whole fireplace shelf to give it another look! By building out our current shelf and supplanting the crown shaping under, it was completely changed without an enormous destruction work.


Arrange the vibe of the fireplace with rehashing or free subtleties. Staying with one line of trim guarantees that the task looks durable and thoroughly examined. Assuming you as of now have coverage in the home, rehash a similar style on the fireplace. Or on the other hand, fuse the fireplace into a board and secure highlight divider to make the entire room pop! Assuming you choose to involve fluted trim for the sides of the fireplace, pick a comparative style like dentil shaping for an ornamental emphasize under the shelf.

Assuming your style is more current, pick a strong shelf without a great deal of fastidious subtleties and straight trim for the sides.


Make certain to check with your neighborhood construction regulation while applying combustible materials to a fireplace! Standard construction law expresses that wood or MDF fireplace trim ought to be no nearer than 6″ from the firebox opening, with an additional an inch for each ⅛” that the trim sticks out from the surface. At the point when I introduced the fireplace tile over the current block, I tried to consider these construction standards.


Our fireplace shelf was a couple of inches wide, which made it hard to improve with anything thicker than a photo placement! By adding some additional profundity to the current shelf, I had the option to make extra showcase space and conceal a few defects.

During the fireplace destruction period of this venture, I found that the shelf is joined to the studs with sections that were implanted into the divider. The sections were put over to make this unattractive lump on each finish of the shelf.

I would have rather not eliminated the sections and manage all that drywall fix, so I chose to conceal these blemishes all things considered. I cut a sheet of ¼” plywood down to the components of the shelf, then, at that point, cut out scores around the sections with my jigsaw.


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