Trending Texture Paint Ideas That Will Give Your Walls A Major Makeover

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If you are bored of looking at the same walls everyday and want to do something easy yet eye catching, texture paints are the way to go. Texture paint designs are a great way of instantly making your walls go from drab to fab without costing too much. They’re perfect for a mini makeover and have been trending for a very long time. Depending on the size and purpose of the room, there are hundreds of painting ideas that you can choose from. 

But before you begin with textured paints and choose a design the first thing you must do is waterproof your walls. Waterproofing your walls before getting them painted is extremely important because it has various benefits. It enhances the paint and makes it look fresh for longer, it protects walls from water damage such as seepage which eventually ends up ruining the paint. If you plan to use textured paint, having smooth walls is crucial. Check out asian paints waterproofing products to get the best results. Once your waterproofing is done, here are some textured paint ideas that you can incorporate in your home. 

  • Color Wash Texture

As the name suggests, color washing walls is simply that, providing a wash of colors on your walls for a stunning effect. Different shades of the same color are used in different intensities throughout the wall to give a simple yet eye catching effect. This is one of the most effective ways of adding some dimension to your walls and can be done with various tools like brushes and sponges, depending on the type of effect you want. Another great thing about this textured wall design is that you won’t have to go through the hassle of mixing and matching several colors as just one will do. 

  • Vertical Line Texture Design

This particular wall texture design is less of a texture and more of a design used to create a significant amount of depth and dimension and works in just about any and every room. All you have to do is, use a different, preferably darker shade of the pre-existing paint on the wall, and make equidistant vertical lines. This will instantly make any wall look longer than it is and give a great dimension to your room. 

  • Stencil It Up

For a long time, wall stencil patterns have been prominent features in interior decor. Despite being around for years, this idea is making a resurgence in the world of interior design. They are quite easy to use so they would make for a very fun DIY project that you can do yourself. The longevity of wall stencils is higher than normal paint so you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful designs for a long long time. The creative possibilities for stencils are limitless, and they can transform the appearance and feel of any space at minimal cost. It is by far the quickest and easiest way to add some flair to your walls.

  • Make Your Walls Shine 

Another great way of adding some texture to your walls is by using a high shine paint. Paint that is glossy or lacquered will transform the look of your walls instantly and also keep them looking brand new for a long time. This look enhances the paint shade and improves the way light reflects off your walls in addition to giving them texture. It gives a sophisticated sense of elegance while being straightforward and simple to maintain as most glossy paints just need to be wiped. 

Texture wall paints are a beautiful and cost effective alternative to a complete remodel of your home. Due to the sheer number of options, there is something for everyone and you will not have to compromise on your style at all. 


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