Know the Right Time to Get Help from Benzodiazepine Addiction at an Arkansas Drug Rehab

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Have you been taking benzos for dealing with sleeplessness and anxiety? This is not worrisome if a doctor has been supervising your doses. But, you need to understand that benzodiazepine addiction is extremely common. 

If you aren’t careful, you may soon find yourself getting hooked on this drug. And if you don’t get medical help on time, you may end up in a lot of trouble.

Know what benzo addiction is all about

Benzos are nothing but tranquilizers known for relaxing your muscles and brain. You must have heard of Xanax or Valium, haven’t’ you? Almost everyone has used these at some time or the other because you can buy them over-the-counter.

But, what if you were to keep buying these without a doctor’s approval or advice? This is when your body starts to develop tolerance towards these sedatives. You start taking them for fear you won’t be able to sleep at night. 

Benzos are even referred to as “date rape” drugs as they cab severely impair your body and mind functions. If you find yourself getting addicted to these, call a drug addiction hotline.

Where to get medical help for benzo addiction

If you are in Arkansas State, you need to look for “drug rehab near me” here. For instance, a person who may have taken an overdose needs to be treated right away; else, it can turn life-threatening.

The doctors working at the drug rehab will probably ask your family to get the pill containers to see which type you have been ingesting. These are supposed to be prescription sedatives but can be highly addictive, triggering different symptoms.

When to seek medical attention

The most common symptoms are blurred vision, weakness, drowsiness, poor thinking, inability to stop drug use, mood swings, etc.

If you have been consuming high doses, it can trigger confusion, dizziness, slurred speech, lack of coordination, breathing difficulty, and even coma. Normally, when you stop using the drug, the symptoms start to set it.

Benzo withdrawal shouldn’t be taken lightly; it can be fatal. So, you need to look for good drug rehab in Arkansas to get medical attention.

How treatment happens

The Arkansas rehab facility will first put you through medical detoxification. According to journals, those taking benzos for 6 months and more are more likely to experience insomnia, tension, and muscle spasms. This needs to be supervised and treated because without this, the body will go into seizures.

When you opt for inpatient programs, there is round-the-clock supervision. The staff is qualified and experienced to offer individual counseling. Symptoms are detected at once and treated before these can escalate. Addicts learn to identify the triggers and can keep themselves away from these once out of rehab.

But sadly, not many families can afford inpatient care. What should you do in that case? You can look for outpatient treatment programs. These are better suited for you if you suffer from a mild addiction.

You can continue living in your home with your family and attend the therapy sessions at the clinic. All recovering addicts will be put into contact with support groups and made to go through individual and group therapy sessions. So, if you are serious about kicking off the addiction, act now!


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