How to Use Social Media for Your Ecommerce Platforms

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Social media is the best friend of eCommerce platforms. A successful social media eCommerce strategy helps to increase brand awareness, build deeper relationships with customers and turn your potential clients into leads. So, we are sure that you want to use this power.

The Best Tactics for Social Media eCommerce Strategies 

Marketers have long realized the power social media channels behold. Half of the population uses social media to get acquainted with new brands and products online. Seems like it’s a real shame not to use this power to your benefit, right? Especially when there are numerous ways of integrating these channels into your online store to get better results. Here are some of the best ways to use your social media platforms.

1. Sell Products Directly From Your Social Media Pages

Technologies don’t stay in one place, and now it’s more than possible to sell products directly from your social media page. This is the first touch point between social media channels and online stores. Many popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest have in-build shops where you can display and even sell your products. 

The best part about this? It is free and easy to integrate with your eCommerce platform. Additionally, users can easily purchase your products in several simple steps thanks to the new online payment software.

2. Create TikToks and Instageam Reels

TikTok and Instagram reels dominate social media, and eCommerce businesses know how to use them. These videos are short, right to the point, and most importantly – highly influential and attractive. 

Every business tries to showcase itself on those platforms as the new game changer in growth strategy development. Everyone wants to get a piece from luxury cosmetic brands to clothing stores and even services. So, why not use them to your advantage?

You can also use other influencers to make TikToks and Reels on their pages and share them with the world.

3. Provide Excellent Customer Support with Chatbots

Another advantage of social media channels is how available they are. People can search and find your official stores just in seconds. While your pages are a great source to promote your products, they can also be used to improve your customer support quality.

More and more people prefer to contact businesses via social media channels rather than via email or phone. So, you can use this insight to build your channels around it. Integrate messenger chatbots that’ll answer any customer just in seconds. Make sure to use ERP software to manage all your operations in one place, or you may leave some customer inquiries unread.

Final Thoughts

Digital technologies now play a crucial role in the development of businesses. They provide a fantastic opportunity for eCommerce to develop marketing strategies since they are here to stay.

As we’ve seen, social media is where eCommerce will go in the future because there are billions of users on these platforms. Therefore, you must maintain a continuous presence on these platforms.


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