Halfway House in Vermont: It’s Not What You Think

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One of the appreciable features of a sober facility is its 24×7 sober environment. This is truly what a recovering addict needs to build his/her life again. Zero tolerance policy towards substance abuse, violence, thefts, night outs, and possession of weapons and drugs makes the facility a favorable place for aspiring sober people to reside. 


There is no doubt that a halfway house in Vermont is a safe and structured place with good hygiene and a comfortable atmosphere. But hey, it’s not too comfortable to let the inmates snooze till noon or simply laze around the whole day!


How time flies! 

Time flies in a sober house. You wouldn’t realize when you completed 30 or 60 days in the house. And the best part is: you love this living in the house. 


How you love this! 

You love waking up early in the morning. You love staying busy the whole day. You love sleeping on time and being in the house the whole night, not partying somewhere till the wee hours like before. 


You love eating healthy. It’s so refreshing to your body and mind! You look forward to those exercise sessions, group discussions, and, of course, the free time that lets you pursue your hobbies. You are amazed by your own talents and capabilities! 


But it’s not love at first sight

Don’t think you are going to love being in the house from the first day. Most recovering addicts don’t. In fact, they hate it! 


Much of their hatred stems from fear and doubts, such as:

  • How will I live in a house with round-the-clock sobriety? What if I get a strong craving? 
  • I can’t do all those chores! 
  • I must attend the meetings and sessions every day. That could be boring.
  • I must wake up early and sleep early – impossible! 


The last one is one of the most dreaded things among recovering addicts and even among sober people! 


Now that’s where the strict rules of a halfway house come into the scene. If they weren’t strict, you wouldn’t be able to achieve lifetime sobriety. One of the reasons the houses take pride in saying their inmates hardly relapse later in life is their strict rules. 


Additional programs 

Sober facilities may also offer therapy sessions, therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, AA meetings, individual and group counseling, journaling, and other such programs. They help an individual reintegrate into society well. 


Many houses also provide educational classes, vocational training, life skills training, parenting skills training, family sessions, anger management classes, spiritual growth sessions, and others. They help to bring an all-around recovery of an individual. The skills can also help an individual find better employment opportunities. 


Looking for “sober living near me”? You can easily find one in your area through online research. Directories can help you find a facility that suits your budget and recovery needs. 


When it comes to your own life it is you who must take charge. Nobody would do this for you. 


So, are you ready? 


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