Different Types of Swing Stage (Suspended Scaffolding

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Suspended scaffolding is a vital tool for any construction site. It’s used to make tall structures more accessible, and it can even help install or replace window panes on buildings up high!

Types of Swing Stage 

Suspended scaffolding comes in different shapes and types. The commonest types include:

1.Two- point

A two-point scaffold, also known as a swing stage is among the most popular types and suspended from overhead structures using cables or ropes attached to stirrups on every side for safety.

2. Float Scaffolding (Ship) 

Float Scaffold or Ship
A float scaffolds are platforms that have extended six inch beyond both sides of an overhead structure using fixed-length ropes. These supports the weight of any worker working on it while they’re in motion without causing injury, just as fall arrest systems do for construction workers who may land wrong after climbing up high enough with their tool belt full!

3. Catenary 

Catenary scaffolding is unique in that it’s the only type of suspended work platform to use horizontal and parallel cables. The design offers many safety benefits.  Like preventing employees from falling off or slipping due at their holds onto specific parts of building structures.  But also has limitations when compared with other styles.  For example not being able accommodate large pieces needing repair due access restrictions caused by its shape-based nature .

4. Multi-Level Suspended Scaffolding 

Multi-level scaffolds are a cost effective and efficient way to erect large buildings quickly. They make it possible for more workers on one platform, working simultaneously with the use of common stirrups which saves time in construction as well!

5. Interior Hung 

Although they may look similar, an interior hung is different from floating scaffolds in one key way. Instead of being supported by just a single beam or column.  Like with floats hanging off them up high on the wall (or even lower).  These supports hold it aloft at two separate points.  So there’s less chance that any given section will break if something happens while working underneath it.  Say someone stubbing their foot against some metal object below ground level which kicks outwards sending rocks everywhere…
The reason I mention this difference between types? You’ll see soon enough!

6. Multi-Point and Single-Point Adjustable

They allow the height to be adjusted depending on what you need it too.  Which means there’s no more guessing when working with this type.

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